next club activity:   8th Bohemia Cup - Kajlovec  14.9.2019 in 27 days

01.09.2019 8th Bohemia Cup Kajlovec INFO ENTRY FORM

Invitation to 8th Bohemia Cup

8th Bohemia Cup



Elzbieta Chwalibóg (PL)
Stephen Hourihan (IR)


Entry form

TOP 1 competitions of year 2019 - continuous results

Best young male
   George Young Hero Eref  [1784 points]

Best young female
   Gilli Savage Blow  [6885 points]

Best  male
   Gio Lucky Black Koralle  [4074 points]

Best  female
   Janis Joplin Canadian Beardog  [9031 points]

Best veteran male
   Agaton Arcolan z Litovelského pomoraví  [4870 points]

Best veteran female
   Bonie Black Koralle  [834 points]

Best kennel
   Savage Blow  [12057 points]

Best stud dog
   As You Wish Bear Mountain  [4518 points]

Best brood bitch
   Natalie-Bela od Trojské skály  [11877 points]

Best male
of foreign members
   Njufort Instinct Winner Knight Itus  [6849 points]

Best female
of foreign members
   Njufort Ovation Goldie Knight  [6799 points]

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