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       With the memory in heart we remember of those
       who went to the Rainbow Bridge...
Paradisonewfs Boo
*21.4.2007       † 7.8.2017

03.09.2017 7th Bohemia Cup Kajlovec INFO ENTRY FORM

Invitation to 7th Bohemia Cup

7th Bohemia Cup



Viktor Lobakin (AZ)
Petr Řehánek (CZ)


Entry form

TOP 1 competitions of year 2017 - continuous results

Best young male
   Hagrid Balu Black Koralle  [2320 points]

Best young female
   Aquatoriya Kelvin Isedge Of Glory  [3001 points]

Best  male
   Gio Lucky Black Koralle  [3066 points]

Best  female
   Alijana Angels Gaboo  [3106 points]

Best veteran male
   Agaton Arcolan z Litovelského pomoraví  [772 points]

Best veteran female
   Arcana Arcolan z Litovelského pomoraví  [578 points]

Best kennel
   Black Koralle  [12372 points]

Best stud dog
   Vidar Black Denis Faundland  [8591 points]

Best brood bitch
   Echappee Belle des Passagers du Vent  [9755 points]

Best male
of foreign members
   Balduf Black New Denis Bear  [8429 points]

Best female
of foreign members
   Fiona Cancrimo  [3001 points]

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