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TOP 1 competitions of year 2023 - continuous results

Best young male
   Askaban Lake Kingdom  [1150 points]

Best young female
   Blue Sky Alhaboom  [4700 points]

Best  male
   Eliot Étoile Renesmée  [3459 points]

Best  female
   King of Helluland Summer In The City  [4372 points]

Best veteran male
   Happy Bear For Me Of Canadian Beardog  [630 points]

Best veteran female
   Charlly z Horpu  [1640 points]

Best kennel
   Crazy Cliff  [8861 points]

Best stud dog
   Sent-Djons Zeus  [6423 points]

Best brood bitch
   Elise Logrus  [7079 points]

Best male
of foreign members
   New Knights Faundland Asombroso Only  [11357 points]

Best female
of foreign members
   New Knights Faundland Aniri In My Heart  [4948 points]

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