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       With the memory in heart we remember of those
       who went to the Rainbow Bridge...
Crash Bandicoot Black Koralle
* 25.05.2011       † 15.09.2021

XIV. Newfoundland FedCup 2021
Rudná pod Pradědem (CZ)


Judges: Nemanja Jovanovic (RS), Oliver Simon (HR)
Secret judge: Suzana Simon (HR)

Winners of final XIV. Newfoundland FedCup 2021
1st place   Lexus Cancrimo
  2nd place   Nirvana de la Baie de Pempoul
    3rd place   Chicco Sunshine Black Koralle
      4th place   Bowater's Paramount Here I Am at Daybreakers

Results Friday        Results Saturday

TOP 1 competitions of year 2022 - continuous results

Best young male
   All Star Chase Alhaboom  [0 points]

Best young female
   Angie Gaboo Alhaboom  [720 points]

Best  male
   Daybreaker's Illusionist  [0 points]

Best  male
   King of Helluland Valentino II.  [0 points]

Best  male
   Dorien De Shawn z Povodí Svratky  [0 points]

Best  male
   Armani E.S.O. Czech Dog  [0 points]

Best  male
   George Young Hero Eref  [0 points]

Best  male
   Forrest Gump Crazy Cliff  [0 points]

Best  female
   Chicco Sunshine Black Koralle  [0 points]

Best  female
   Charlie Angel Black Koralle  [0 points]

Best  female
   Zanater Faundland  [0 points]

Best  female
   Golden Girl Crazy Cliff  [0 points]

Best  female
   King of Helluland Summer In The City  [0 points]

Best  female
   Against All Odds Journey of a Seaman  [0 points]

Best veteran female
   Alijana Angels Gaboo  [0 points]

Best kennel
   Alhaboom  [720 points]

Best stud dog
   Chatkantarra Wantok  [720 points]

Best brood bitch
   Elise Logrus  [720 points]

Best male
of foreign members
   Rose'Wanted Patriot  [72 points]

Best female
of foreign members
   Cherry Lady Black Koralle  [0 points]

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