Výstavní výsledky

Klubová výstava Praha-Džbán /  31.08.2019( CZ )
rozhodčí:  Paul Lawless (IR) - psi, Lukáš Zeman (CZ) - feny
třída:  dorost
Eight months old, at this time he is a little out of proportion. Head is strong and well developed. A little bit loose on the lips. He has a nice eye. Ears are well placed, but a little too long at the time. He has good bone, but he is weak on the pastern. Nice reach of neck, topline at this time is soft, excellent croup. Chest needs to develop, angulation is good behind, he is a little steep on the upper arm. Very nice temperament. He could be a little better coming and going, and in the side gait he looses topline. He is very promising.
klubová výstava Novofundlandklubu ČR